Transition to SharePoint and Intune by a Medium-Sized Law Firm on Long Island


A distinguished medium-sized law firm was building its reputation based on legal expertise and dedication to clients. However, in the era of digital transformation, the firm faced obstacles in optimizing its IT infrastructure.

Recognizing the need for a modernized approach, they turned to Nerds That Care. The experts introduced a combination of SharePoint for streamlined document management and internal communication, and Intune for robust mobile device management and enhanced security protocols. This cutting-edge blend not only facilitated better collaboration among the team but also ensured the firm’s digital assets were securely managed, enhancing their ability to serve clients with confidence and efficiency.

Transition to Sharepoint & Intune


Remote Access Limitations

While the VPN system facilitated remote access, it was often riddled with slow speeds, frequent disconnections, and complex configurations.

Security Concerns

Managing sensitive legal documents demanded top-notch security. The existing system, despite its firewall, had certain vulnerabilities that kept the IT department on its toes.

Collaboration Barriers

The firm’s professionals required a seamless platform for real-time document editing and collaboration, which the current system didn't adequately provide.


Microsoft SharePoint

Recognized for its advanced storage, organization, and accessibility features.

  • Universal Access: Allowed employees to access documents from anywhere without relying on a VPN, streamlining the remote working experience.

  • Real-time Collaboration: Offered tools for real-time document co-editing, enhancing teamwork efficiency.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrated effortlessly with other Microsoft Office tools, creating a cohesive workspace.

Microsoft Intune

A pivotal tool for enhancing device-based security and compliance.

  • Granular Device Control: Ensured only compliant devices could access the firm’s sensitive data, reinforcing the security infrastructure alongside the existing firewall.

  • Advanced Security Protocols: Enabled functionalities such as remote data wiping, giving the firm an edge in data security.


VPN-independent Remote Access

With the infrastructural support by Nerds That Care, the firm's reliance on VPNs for document access saw a significant decrease, boosting productivity levels.

Bolstered Security

The combined might of Intune, the firm’s firewall, and expert guidance from Nerds That Care constructed an impregnable fortress against potential data threats.

Efficient Collaboration

SharePoint’s tools revolutionized how lawyers collaborated, expediting case preparations and reviews.

Optimized Costs

While the VPN and firewall infrastructure remained, costs associated with its heavy use and frequent troubleshooting were considerably reduced.


The collaboration between the Long Island law firm and Nerds That Care was more than just an IT project; it was a transformative partnership.

Through the seamless integration of SharePoint and Intune with the firm’s existing infrastructure, Nerds That Care ensured that the law firm was not only equipped to handle current challenges but was also future-ready in the digital age.

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