Navigating FTC Guidelines – A Success Story


In the bustling world of automotive sales on Long Island, ensuring cybersecurity is paramount, especially with the strict FTC guidelines looming over businesses. A major car dealership, renowned in the Long Island area, faced these very challenges until it decided to partner with the Managed Service Provider (MSP), Nerds That Care.

FTC Compliance & FTC Guidelines


Despite their successes in auto sales, this dealership found it increasingly difficult to comply with FTC cybersecurity guidelines. Their existing cybersecurity measures were outdated, leaving customer data vulnerable. With the complexities of email and data storage, endpoint protection, and more, the dealership knew they needed a sophisticated solution to avoid potential FTC penalties and to protect their customer’s sensitive information.


Teaming up with Nerds That Care, the dealership was presented with a comprehensive cybersecurity package grouped into specific categories:


Enhanced Security Measures

Drastic reduction in potential security vulnerabilities.

FTC Compliance

Consistent adherence to FTC guidelines, evading potential penalties.

Employee Awareness

A workforce educated and updated about the latest cybersecurity threats.

Customer Trust

A noticeable increase in customer trust due to fortified data protection.


Cybersecurity, especially in adherence with FTC guidelines, can be a daunting challenge for businesses. However, with the right partner, it becomes a surmountable task.

This major car dealership on Long Island, with the comprehensive solutions from Nerds That Care, not only met FTC guidelines head-on but also bolstered their reputation among customers. This partnership exemplified that with the right strategies, technology can be an asset, not a challenge.

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