Optimizing Customer WiFi Experience at a Long Island Car Dealership


A well-regarded car dealership in Long Island stands out in the automobile sales landscape. With its vast array of vehicles and a state-of-the-art showroom, the dealership attracts not only potential buyers but also car enthusiasts. Although their sales and customer relations were unparalleled, it was evident that the IT infrastructure, particularly the customer WiFi experience, required enhancement.

Wifi Auto Dealer


Customers at the dealership, whether awaiting paperwork, availing services, or simply browsing the car collection, frequently sought to connect to the WiFi. The initial system was prone to disruptions, had limited speed, lacked the necessary security provisions, and missed opportunities for marketing or sales engagement with the clientele. The need for a comprehensive upgrade was unmistakable.


Nerds That Care stepped up to address these challenges. Here’s the strategy they implemented:

  • New Equipment: Outdated routers and access points were replaced with contemporary, enterprise-level hardware, ensuring extensive and consistent connectivity.
  • Bandwidth Optimization: The internet package was enhanced to cater to a larger number of concurrent users, with the team ensuring abundant bandwidth during peak periods.
  • Segmented Networks: A clear distinction was made between the guest WiFi and the internal business network, ensuring dealership-sensitive information remained secure.
  • Encryption: WPA3, the latest in WiFi security standards, was adopted to protect user data.
  • Access Control: A system was introduced where customers would receive an SMS with a code to log into the WiFi, restricting unauthorized access.
  • Landing Page: A tailored landing page was designed for the WiFi portal, allowing the dealership to highlight current promotions, events, or services.
  • Smooth Sign-on: Integration was made seamless with social media platforms, letting visitors connect via their Facebook or Google profiles.
  • Speed Control: A system was deployed to distribute bandwidth equitably among users, preventing any individual device from monopolizing the network.
  • Cloud Management: The team transitioned to cloud-based management software to monitor and adjust settings from afar, ensuring prompt responses to any issues.
  • Data Analysis Tools: Tools were integrated to capture user metrics (while maintaining privacy), offering the dealership key insights into high-traffic times, user demographics, and browsing patterns.


Enhanced User Experience

Patrons were treated to a flawless online browsing experience, translating to extended stays in the showroom and positive testimonials.

Improved Security

The reinforced security measures significantly minimized potential data breach risks.

Business Insights

The collected data became a treasure trove of insights, aiding the dealership in refining marketing initiatives and sales tactics.

Operational Efficiency

The IT team at the dealership found network management and maintenance to be more streamlined, ensuring optimal performance at all times.


Through Nerds That Care’s expert intervention, the WiFi experience at the Long Island car dealership was completely revitalized. Beyond just bolstering speed and security, they transformed the network into a strategic business tool.

This endeavor clearly highlights the transformative power of adept IT solutions in augmenting customer satisfaction and boosting business prospects.

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