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For more than a decade and a half, our team of dedicated professionals, affectionately dubbed “Nerds,” have been at the forefront of technological innovation. At Nerds That Care, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology and advanced systems to craft bespoke solutions, propelling your business to new heights. Our unwavering commitment has seen us offer unparalleled IT support and proactive monitoring services to our esteemed clientele.

Our essence is technology. It’s what we indulge in day in and day out. Our profound knowledge encompasses a vast array of systems, and we remain ever-vigilant to the evolving tech landscape, ensuring our clients remain ahead of the curve. Because we believe, your business only deserves the pinnacle of excellence.

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James Rocker


James Rocker stands tall in the IT world, not only as a pioneering entrepreneur but also as an authoritative voice in cybersecurity. His collaboration with global giants like Trend Micro highlights his expertise in combating cyber threats. Recognized by accolades such as the Long Island Business News Top 50 Most Influential Business Leaders, James’s influence spans beyond IT, reflecting his broader impact on business strategy and leadership.

Beyond his corporate achievements, he actively mentors the next generation in the IT community. Driven by innovation and a vision for a secure technological future, James Rocker’s journey inspires many in and beyond the IT realm.

Principles of our work



At Nerds That Care, our dedication to quality shines through in both our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and our responsive help desk services.



Whether you’re seeking assistance from our help desk or relying on our cybersecurity defenses, you can trust in our transparent and ethical approach.



At Nerds That Care, innovation drives us – from the modern tools our help desk employs to address your concerns promptly, to the state-of-the-art cybersecurity methods we use to keep threats at bay.



Our expert help desk team is always ready to guide you, while our advanced cybersecurity protocols ensure that your systems and data remain untarnished.

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