James Rocker of Nerds That Care Featured in Trend Micro Global Partner Spotlight

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See Nerds That Care’s CEO, James Rocker featured in Global Brand, Trend Micro partner story. And learn how the Nerds use the latest in technology development and the expertise of powerful partners to keep clients’ systems safe.

As a rapidly growing New York–based managed service provider (MSP), with high-touch customer service to over 4,000 endpoints, Nerds That Care was particularly relieved it had a solid partnership with Trend Micro when COVID-19 hit. Their customers were significantly impacted by the economic shutdown, and Trend worked with Nerds That Care to ensure that they continued to have the highest level of security protection available. Nerds That Care is one of the first MSPs to deliver Trend Micro™ Worry-Free with Co-Managed XDR, a new offering that extends security beyond the endpoint...

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Nerds That Care, a NY-based managed service provider, used Trend Micro security protection for their 4,000 endpoints during COVID-19's economic shutdown.
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