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Online Marketing 101

Today, technology has made traditional or outbound marketing techniques like; print, TV advertising or cold calling less compelling, easy to ignore and more expensive. We already know where customers are, they’re online–utilizing digital media through online marketing is an effective and affordable way to connect with consumers.


The Nerds That Care can help guide you through the digital media landscape plus, with the help of partner agencies, you can execute masterful Banner ads, Email Blasts, Mobile Marketing, Branding Tactics and more.
Create effective and affordable online content for your business.


Inbound Marketing 101

Inbound Marketing is simply marketing that is focused on getting customers to find you online. Blogs, viral videos, social media, content and search engine optimization are all components of Inbound Marketing. The more content your company shares on the web, the more chances you have to connect with consumers, plus, not only will you create a connection with consumers through inbound marketing tactics but it keeps your products or services top-of-mind.


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