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The modern manufacturer has to keep their finger on the pulse of technology.

Technology is now at the heart of most businesses, but for manufacturers it often takes on a special role. Technology touches nearly every part of a manufacturing process, and with the right solutions, any manufacturer can significantly accelerate productivity, streamline production, and see the type of uptime and efficiency your organization needs to get your business where you want to go.

At Nerds That Care, we understand what technology solutions can mean to a growing manufacturer. We also understand that the deployment and management of that technology can be tricky with so many moving parts. This is why our technicians take pride in our vast knowledge base that can present a growing manufacturer the tools they are looking for to manage and protect their investments.

Powerful Technology to Drive Productivity

Successful manufacturers rely a great deal on timing.

When the success of your business relies on precision, you need technology solutions that meet your precise demands. At Nerds That Care, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver precise technology solutions with customizable options that include the setup, management, and maintenance of comprehensive computing solutions:

  • On-site or cloud-based computing infrastructures – Our technicians can design and build the computing infrastructure your business needs to stay efficient and productive.
  • End-to-end networking – Nerds That Care’s specialists allow you to take full advantage of today’s most dynamic wired and wireless technologies.
  • Software solutions to meet every demand of your business – Manufacturers can really benefit from today’s most sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning software that allows for top-to-bottom cooperation and collaboration.
  • Complete monitoring and management of network and infrastructure – Nerds That Care delivers complete IT support including monitoring, management, and proactive maintenance on your entire network and computing infrastructure.
  • Thorough consulting – Our consultants understand the best way to deploy your IT and provide a knowledge base that is a valuable asset in the design, implementation, and support of any new technology strategy, including a detailed understanding of business continuity and data protection.

Solutions that Maximize Efficiency

It is time for your organization to get the most out of your technology.

It is clear to us that any profitable production requires a strategy to build efficiency. Nerds That Care’s team of consultants and technicians will work around the clock to ensure that your organization experiences the benefits that only well-coordinated expertise can produce.

Security in the Era of Industry

Adopting Industry 4.0 means not only interconnecting IT and OT networks to build smart factories; it also means having shared responsibilities between IT administrators and OT engineers. These include accounting for assets such as equipment, underlying platforms, and protocols or services in use; assessing them for their criticality in the overall operations; and applying the appropriate protection to each asset.

In addition to ensuring that the aforementioned tasks are carried out, manufacturing companies also need to see to it that IP assets, such as technical documents and design files, are being shared, processed, and otherwise handled securely.

Manufacturing companies can avoid common security issues by implementing basic best practices such as the following:

  • Individuals who are granted access to files and systems should be identified and given the most restrictive permissions. If they should not be able to modify information, read-only access should be given to them.
  • The IT machines and production machines that are allowed to communicate with one another should be identified. There should be restrictions as to which devices in the IT network should be capable of information exchange with which devices in the OT network.
  • Unnecessary services in the network should be disabled. Doing so can help prevent exploitation of vulnerable services.

Security is critical to the success of Industry 4.0 adoption. The resilience of production processes strongly depends on the manufacturing companies’ awareness of the current threat landscape and the employed security framework for protecting against attacks.

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