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Nerds That Care James Rocker Featured in Global Brand, Trend Micro Partner Story

See #NerdsThatCare‘s CEO, #JamesRocker featured in Global Brand, Trend Micro partner story. And learn how the Nerds use the latest in technology development and the expertise of powerful partners like #TrendMicro to #KeepClientsSystemsSafe.

Why a Hybrid Cloud is Right for Your Business

he cloud can bring numerous benefits to a business. Public cloud offerings can reduce technology costs, provide scalability and flexibility to a business’ computing infrastructure, promote collaboration, protect your business from data loss, and much, much more. What it cannot do, however, is guarantee the control some organizations wish to have over their technology infrastructure. […]

Is Your Infrastructure Hindering Your Business’ Growth?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have historically been restricted in what they can do with their technology infrastructures. However, there are now options that an SMB can leverage that enable it to accomplish more with their infrastructure – but this requires the SMB to have a plan in place. What Is Your IT Infrastructure? In […]