Worry Free Cloud Services for Nonprofits

Worry Free Cloud Services for Nonprofits | Play

Why do I need the Cloud?

What Does Your Typical Day Look Like?

Are you able to communicate and collaborate with ease? How secure are your files? What would happen if your computer was lost or stolen?

In this webinar we give a brief overview on the benefits of a Microsoft 365 cloud based environment and how it can be accomplished without worry or frustration. In many instances the tools can be free or at a minimal cost for your nonprofit.  

At Nerds That Care we create a customized approach by understanding your business needs as a nonprofit and take the time to break down all the moving parts to the organization and make them available online.

5 Reasons to Start Your Move to the Cloud:

  • Guided Approach, Leave the Nerd Stuff to the Nerds
  • Increased Security and Compliance
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Easy Document Collaboration
  • Cultural Engagement for Your Company

Presented By

James Rocker

James Rocker

As the CEO of Nerds That Care, James provides the leadership and knowledge for national growth while providing specialized services to an array of industry sectors. He is considered an expert in almost every area of Networking and Security. Nerds That Care is exemplified by James and the core values that he instills.
John Vissichelli

John Vissichelli
Director of Business Development

John has been caringly serving clients in IT for over 25 years.As a Consultative Sales Specialist and Senior Executive he has led Sales Teams and brings leading edge solutions to his clients.John has worked extensively with Non-Profits in both the Education and Health Care sectors.

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