It’s a Trap – A Guide to Cyber Security

It's a Trap - A Guide to Cyber Security

Why should I watch?

People who watch this webinar should want to further protect their business and assets from:

  • Identity Theft
  • Ransomware
  • Cell Phone Highjacking
  • Public Hotspots/Insecure Wireless Networks

In a world where cybercrime is easier and more prevalent than ever you need to know how to protect your organization from a data breach. Nerds That Care can help you increase your overall security posture.

Find out the number one question you should ask yourself before signing up for any service.

What we will cover:

  • What are Cyber Attacks?
  • The Impact of an Attack
  • How to Protect Your Business
  • How to Be Proactive Against Threats
  • How to maintain security in a remote environment

Presented By

James Rocker

James Rocker

As the CEO of Nerds That Care, James provides the leadership and knowledge for national growth while providing specialized services to an array of industry sectors. He is considered an expert in almost every area of Networking and Security. Nerds That Care is exemplified by James and the core values that he instills.

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