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Nerds That Care James Rocker Featured in Global Brand, Trend Micro Partner Story

See #NerdsThatCare‘s CEO, #JamesRocker featured in Global Brand, Trend Micro partner story. And learn how the Nerds use the latest in technology development and the expertise of powerful partners like #TrendMicro to #KeepClientsSystemsSafe.

COVID-19 Preparation – Work Remote Access

NerdsDeskConnect – Remote access to your office computer 24/7. Keep your business up-and-running even during the COVID-19 crisis or any unexpected event, by allowing users to remote access into their actual work computer, enabling uninterrupted workflow. It’s easy to activate and install. Contact us for pricing and info. Plan ahead. Activations will be first come, […]

Tip of the Week: Extremely Useful Tips

All Windows machines are capable of leveraging built-in shortcuts. While it might sound ludicrous, using keyboard shortcuts can eliminate the eight days that the average employee spends every year moving between the keyboard and mouse. Shocking, right? Keyboard shortcuts let you retake all of that lost time and use it to be more productive.

Automation Growth and Your Business

Automation has been a hot button term for some time. Whether it is in reference to robots that manufacturers use to make their assembly lines more effective, the integrated workflows that today’s customer relationship management software presents, or A.I. crawling through mounds of data to help an entrepreneur better understand his/her business, automation is helping […]

Too Many Accountants are Fielding Technology Queries

Accountants are asked a lot of questions. You’d expect as much as they manage a lot of organizational money, and can give small business owners and executives straight-forward advice about whether or not investments make sense for a company. With the recent increase in technology use for small businesses, accountants have been fielding more than […]

Tip of the Week: Working Around Windows’ Restore Point Issue

One would think that a program called System Restore would be one that would be prioritized as one to get right. Unfortunately, this seems not to be the case, as utilizing one of your restore points after performing a Windows Update can cause some serious issues. For our tip, we’ll go over how to avoid […]

Network Security is Crucial for Every Organization

Avoiding risk is important for every business, unless your business is as a daredevil, then mitigating risk will have to do. Nowadays, with technology being an omnipresent element in most businesses, technology-based risks have grown in concert. As a result, the modern business owner and IT administrators need to understand the new risks and how […]